Safety for Field Trippers ~ CCFMS Safety Rules

  1. Safety glasses or goggles must be worn whenever working with rock.

  2. Sturdy shoes (Steel toes in tips for working quarries), hardhats and long pants are required on all field trips to a quarry. Sneakers and short pants are not permissible.

  3. Safety vests should be worn at all times in working quarries and are a good idea to wear on any excursion.

  4. Never work near quarry walls or vertical cliffs. Large overhangs can give way without warning and take you with them.

  5. Take care exploring on talus or piles of loose blaster rock. They can avalanche and take you with them.

  6. When climbing or walking on slippery rocks, always be careful to maintain your balance. Nasty falls can be avoided if you test footholds before putting your full weight on them. Even large stones can tend to be slippery when wet.

  7. Keep clear of all posted or dangerous areas.

  8. If a dynamite case is found - LEAVE IT ALONE !!

  9. Stay away from all quarry equipment.

  10. Stop and rest when tired.

  11. Some materials leave poisonous residues on hands. Be sure to wash before eating.

  12. Be alert for rodents and snakes. Never reach or tread where you cannot see.

  13. Stay clear of waterfalls, wet rock is very slippery.

  14. Poison ivy is no fun. If unsure, remember - Leaves of three, leave it be.

  15. Watch out for the other fellow as you hammer or roll rocks. A flying chip can blind or give a bad cut.

  16. Let someone know when you are leaving.

  17. Children under 16 are not allowed in active quarries.

  18. Make sure to take any garbage you create with you as you leave.

Remember that the leader of each field trip has the authority to refuse entry to anyone attending and also to ask anyone to leave if they break any of these rules.

The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) has an extensive SAFETY website. Take some time and read a few. They will make life better and longer!!!