Field Trip to Beamsville Nelson Aggregates on Saturday October 5th, 2019  

Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder to let you know of the upcoming Field Trip to Beamsville Nelson Aggregates on Saturday October 5th, 2019 has been confirmed.

 Safety Vest (fluorescent with strips), Long Pant, Safety Boots (steel toed) above the ankle (preferred 6” + as they provide support when walking on the rock piles), Safety Glasses and Hard Hat are required for admittance to the Quarry. Gloves are highly recommended

 Sunscreen and plenty of water as days could be hot and Sunny on the trip.

 Please do not bring carpenters hammers (claw) as they are not designed to break rock.

 All attendees must be a member of a CCFMS affiliated club to participate at this event for insurance reasons. Membership cards should be available on request.

 Also, this Quarry is a working quarry and admittance is restricted to persons 16 years of age and over.

     Plan to arrive opposite the gate of the quarry at about 8:30 am for your sign in and your vehicle tag in. We will enter the quarry about 9:00 am after our safety talk. Please no late arrivals unless requested in advance.


Canadian Field Trip Information:

Laws have changed recently in Canada for Safety vests and clothing. You will need to update to the appropriate styles to gain entry to Canadian quarries. Please see this link for information. I have added a Word document you may print out to take shopping with you.


Please note we should be wearing Class 2 apparel. Either a vest or T shirt will suffice. Your hard hats must also contain retro-reflective stripes and can be purchased as peel and stick tape at Safety Supply stores.

  Beamsville map at following link:

 Happy hunting.

 See you there,

Jim Glen 

Nelson Aggregates Quarry - Beamsville

Also known as the Lincoln Quarry

Field Trip Information

When: Field Trips are organized by the Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies into the Nelson Aggregates Quarry twice a year - May & September. This trip is open to all members of CCFMS. No fee is charged, however, a CCFMS affiliated club membership card needs to be produced prior to entry.

Conditions: This is a working quarry. Collectors must be 16 years of age. You will require full safety equipment which includes safety helmet, safety goggles, CSA Approved "green patch" steel-toed safety work boots and a reflective safety vest. A sign-in, sign-out policy is in effect.

Liability Waiver: You must be a current club member of a CCFMS club. You will be asked to show your rock club membership card as proof. You will be required to sign in with the Trip Leader and sign a liability waiver. You are expected to follow all instructions regarding safety, collecting & courtesy as outlined during the safety talk before entry to the quarry. 

Arrival & Departure: Plan to arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. Check in with the Trip Leader on arrival. All collectors need to attend the group safety talk at 8:45 a.m. Entry to the quarry is at 9 a.m. sharp. If you plan on leaving prior to the end of the scheduled visit, inform the trip leader. The departure time will be stated at the beginning of the day. 5 minutes before departure, you will hear honking. This is your signal to do your final packing up and to leave.

Directions: Exit QEW at Ontario street. (Exit #64). Go south on Ontario Street for 2.3 km into downtown Beamsville. At King Street, turn east (left). A very short distance later, 0.1 km, turn south (right) on Mountain Road. Drive along Mountain Road. You will pass Fly Road (a 4-way stop) at 3.5 km. Drive for another 1.9 km until you reach Yonge Street. (a total of 5.4 km from Mountain St.). Turn west (right) on Yonge Street and drive a short distance, 0.5 km. You will see the quarry on your left  (south). Park on the side of the road opposite the Entrance Gate to the Lincoln Quarry. After the safety talk we will drive in a convoy into the quarry. You may drive directly to the designated collecting sites within the quarry with your car.

 Map to Nelson Aggregates Quarry - Beamsville 

Also known as the Lincoln Quarry

Minerals of the Nelson Aggregate Quarry, Beamsville Ontario

By Tim Jokela, London Gem & Mineral Club

·      Carbonates - Calcite, Dolomite

·      Sulphates - Barite, Celestite, Gypsum (var. Selenite)

·      Sulphides - Galena, Marcasite, Pyrite, Sphalerite

·      Halides - Fluorite

·      Oxides - Magnetite

·      Other - Fossils (coral), Hydrocarbons


1.  Dolomite is whitish or pinkish. Unusual tiny saddle-shaped crystals are made of small misaligned blocks that produce curved crystal faces.

2.  Sphalerite is generally lighter in colour than Dundas sphalerite and appears a gemmy yellow colour.

3.  The barite is very white and platy when crystallized.

4.  Very sharp octahedral galena crystals have been found.

5.  Vugs with nice associations of galena, barite, marcasite and dolomite occur.

6.  Most crystals are small and suitable for micro-mounts.


        Sabina, Ann. Rocks and Minerals for the Collector (1986) 

        Alward, Allen. Personal Communication (1990)

Minerals of the Nelson Aggregate Quarry, Beamsville Ontario

Beamsville Sphalerite Micro
Beamsville Calcite 
Beamsville Galena
                                          Beamsville Calcite  
Beamsville Galena
Beamsville Galena