Hungry Hollow 

Hungry Hollow is World Renowned for its middle Devonian fossils aged - 385 -397 Ma

There are 3 formations - the bottom of the Quarry is the Arkona Shale - Mid point of the quarry wall is the Hungry Hollow mb - and visible on the North and south wall beside the Ausable river near the top is the Widder formation . Our club does field trips to both the North and South quarries several times per year. Both quarries are signed as No Trespass . Clubs associated with the CCFMS (Central Canadian Federation Of Mineralogical Societies) are covered by liability insurance to have club sanctioned field trips to both quarries. You can find trilobites-star fish-blastoids-armored fish-crinoids-phyllocarids-coral-brachiopods-gastropods-bryozoans-micro fossils etc