Our clubs Field trips to Hungry Hollow 

To Join in on any of our field trips to Hungry Hollow you must be a member of a club through the CCFMS with your membership up to date 

Everyone must sign a waiver of liability, and parents must sign for there children under the age of 16

Field trips to Hungry Hollow must be club sanctioned field trips, this means your not allowed to collect there on your own.

Parking is on the grass on the side of the rd closest to the South pit, making sure your not blocking the rd. Parking at the North pit is on the side of the rd closest to the river.

No garbage is to be left in the quarry

Our clubs Field trip to Hungry Hollow April 27th/19

The field trip at Hungry Hollow started off with the weather being a bit on the cool side, then warmed up to make the day perfect. There was so many cars parked at the South Pit that they filled the the Rd and went around the corner **And this was the first time this happened** There was a lot of amazing fossils found by everyone Trilobites, Blastoids, Crinoids, Coral, Brachiopods etc. Some of the members took out pails of fossils. There will be more field trips to Hungry Hollow coming up soon.

More Trips will be posted ASAP