The London Gem Mineral & Fossil Society

The London Gem, Mineral & Fossil Society has been Incorporated and dedicated to the promotion of mineral and fossil collecting since 1964.
The goal of the LGMFS is to introduce people to the wonders of Minerals, Gems, Rocks, and Fossils. Collecting is the best hobby in the world. 
Our Club members have a wide range of interests, including field-collecting minerals and fossils, geology, meteorites, crystal growing, polishing gemstones, carving, metal detecting, and making jewelry.
Whether you've just discovered minerals, gems and fossils, or have been collecting for minerals or fossils we would love to meet you. 
Programs are varied, different geology topics are covered, and everyone is Welcome.
The clubs newsletter, The Chippings is distributed monthly to all members. Thanks to our excellent editor, you'll find our newsletter informative, entertaining, and covering a wide range of topics. Contributions to the newsletter are welcome.
Meetings are held at 7 pm on the first Thursday of the month from February to June then September until December 
We meet at Earl Nichols Arena at 799 Homeview Rd, London, Ontario.
Membership costs -Student $15 --Adult $20- Family $30 
New members are welcome and the club is open to everyone. 
Programs are informal, educational and generally non - technical, presented by advanced collectors and various professionals.
Feel free to attend a meeting to get acquainted at NO Charge.
Auctions of inexpensive Minerals and Fossils are held regularly, and are an excellent way to build a collection at a very low cost. Extra Large auctions take place at the Christmas party and summer BBQ. Contributions of good minerals, fossils, or lapidary materials are always appreciated; all proceeds go to the club.