Tim Elliot Collection

Tim Elliott has been collecting minerals in the Dundas Quarry for quite some time and has amassed an impressive display of the different types of minerals that can be found here. These minerals have been on display in the Royal Ontario Museum as well as at a number of gem & mineral shows in Ontario.

Lafarge Millennium Collection Display by Tim Elliott.

Large Calcite cluster approx.  450 mm across Another large Calcite cluster approx. 350 lb. (160 kg.) 700 mm across
Doubly Terminated Calcite cluster  with 6 inch (150 mm) crystals (front)
Dogtooth Calcite on matrix (back) 
Another even larger Calcite cluster approx. 500 lb. (225 kg.) 750 mm across
Spectacular doubly terminated Calcite crystal  14 inches (350mm) Smaller 10 inch (200mm) Calcite cluster
Fluorite cube in matrix approx. 3 1/4 inches (80 mm) Calcite cluster approx. 4 inches (100mm) in dogtooth calcite vug. 
Twinned Calcite crystals approx. 5 inches (125 mm) Celestite and Calcite crystals

Sphalerite cluster in dolostone matrix