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Why Subscribe to an Email Distribution List?

Email distribution lists exist to facilitate communication amongst people with a similar interest. Its another great communication tool available to us via the world wide web. An email distribution list works by having an associated list of subscribers and one centralized/controlling email address. When one subscriber sends a message to the controlling email address, that message gets sent out to every subscriber on the list. Most lists  have a moderator who manages the list and generally prevents topics from getting too far off topic. Some lists are more controlled than others and some lists may be more lively than others. Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide if a particular email distribution list is right for him/her.

Below is a list of a few email distribution lists related to rockhounding, mineral and fossil collecting and the lapidary arts. Click on the title of the list to find out more about the particular list. Enjoy!

Email Distribution Lists


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