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Welcome to the most up-to-date listing of online rock, gem, fossil, mineral & lapidary clubs and societies available on the world wide web! To ensure this list is as current as possible the validity of each link will be checked several times a year and any sites that no longer exist will be removed. Once, maybe twice a year, a web search for new online clubs will be conducted. This search will be similar to the one used to compile this, as outlined below. Of course, if you know of a new online club and would like it listed it, just email the web administer to have it added to our list.

Club Listings

Because the listing is so long, it has been divided into four separate pages with one page dedicated for Canadian clubs and three pages dedicated for American clubs. You may go to each page by clicking Canada, USA Pg. 1, USA Pg. 2, USA Pg.3, or you may go directly to the listing of a particular province or state by clicking the abbreviated name below. Enjoy!


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This listing is something that I originally started early 2002. At the time it was part of a Random URL Generator CGI script that I was running on the old Niagara Peninsula Geological Society Website. The whole point of the script was to randomly allow the user to explore other club websites in Canada, the United States and around the world. The script was quite useful and drew a fair bit of traffic to the website. Through time, however, some of the various hyperlinks that I had stored on the list either changed or disappeared. Since I had no way at the time to check whether all the hyperlinks were valid, eventually the usefulness of the script fell out of favour. This led to the removal of the script from the webpage in mid 2003 and the archiving of the list. Now that I have become inspired to recreate an up-to-date list of other club websites and Canada and the United States, it is the original list from 2002, which has been rehashed to form the base of this new list.

To create the most up-to-date club listing possible, I visited all of the sites listed on my 2002 list, scrapping along the way any website that no longer existed or pointed to some off-topic sites. After establishing the validity of the websites on my list I scoured the listing of several other websites, which are given credit below, adding any club websites that were not already on the base list. In total 50 websites were removed from the base list, 28 Canadian club websites and 200 American club websites were added as a result of searching websites listed below. It would seem that there are more clubs online now then there were in 2002, which is a good thing.

Special thanks to Kreigh Tomaszewski of Kreigh's Web Resources Collection for RockhoundsBob Loeffler of the North Jeffco Club (Colorado) Website, and Wes Lingerfelt of the Orcutt Mineral Society for their constructive criticism and insightful comments.


As of January 2008 there are over 400 clubs and societies with a web presence! The demise of free sites such as geocities, tripod and lycos continues. Clubs using blogs as their website has increased! California leads the way with 70 clubs or societies from the state with an online presence.

Please let me know of any errors or omissions to this list and please link back to us. Send any comments to the web administer   <>