Over the weekend a small, appropriately distanced group of friends gathered in Bancroft to make a surprise presentation to mineral legends, Frank and Wendy Melanson.

The recently approved zirconium mineral, "melansonite," was discovered at Mont Saint-Hilaire and named by Thomas Gore and Andrew McDonald (andymcdonaldite) for the Melanson's outstanding contributions to both the hobby and science of mineralogy. Among other notable discoveries, Frank was the first collector to recognize the exceptional mineralogical potential of this now world-famous locality in 1959.

Tony Steede (steedeite) graciously provided a specimen of the extremely rare micro-mineral from his personal collection and Robert Beckett commissioned the framed print (by yours truly) for them to better appreciate it; surprisingly, the Melansons do not own a microscope!                                                                                       

Photos and Narrative by Michael Bainbridge 

Melansonite with calcite and quartz
Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
FOV: 1 x 0.67 mm