Museums with Mineral & Hobby Related Items worth Visiting


  • The Government of Canada has a web site at which gives lots of information about provinces & territories. If you go to a specific province or territory & click on museums, you will find a listing & links to museums.


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    • Inco Ltd. Gallery of Earth Sciences
      • Treasures of the Earth, S.R. Perren Gem and Gold Room
  • Bancroft Mineral Museum
    • 613-332-1513
    • Located in the old station in Bancroft, the museum was built to resemble the inside of a mine. The Bancroft area is famous for its great variety of minerals and the quality of mineral specimens that can be found. Bancroft specimens can be found in displays all over the world, including the Smithsonian Institution.
  • Bruce Mines Museum
    • 75 Taylor Street, Bruce Mines, ON P0R 1C0 705-785-3426
    • Located on Highway 17 east of Sault Ste. Marie. Founded in 1846 by Cornish miners working the copper mines. A self-guided walking tour of the town and waterfront parks.
  • Canadian Drilling Rig Museum, Selkirk
  • Cobalt's Northern Ontario Mining Museum
    • 24 Silver St., Cobalt ON, 705-679-8301
    • This museum boasts the world's largest display of native silver ore as well as an impressive display of rocks and minerals from around the world. The Museum's collection of artifacts, relating not only to mining but to the cultural and social life of the Cobalt camp bring those early days vividly to life. Visitors can stop at the gift shop and purchase one of a kind hand crafted silver jewelery, fashioned from .999 pure silver from the local mines. In an effort to stop the decay of the many Cobalt landmarks, the Heritage Silver Trail was established along the far side of Cobalt Lake. This unique self-guided tour of many of Cobalt's famous mine sites draws the tourist back into Cobalt's past, allowing them to explore the very sites where the Cobalt fortune was made. Interested individuals can be taken on a underground tour of the Colonial Adit by Museum staff. This adit echoes the days when men carved out tunnels with hand steel, searching for the vein that would make their fortunes.
  • Earth Sciences Museum, University of Waterloo  
  • Elliot Lake Nuclear and Mining Museum
    • Highway 108, Elliot Lake ON P5A 2T2, 705-848-2084
    • This museum's collection covers the 1950s to present, Elliot Lake region. Discovery of uranium; mining and milling of uranium; uses of uranium; history of community including pre-Elliot Lake period are the subjects of the displays. This was the interim home of the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame. Tours of the museum are provided by request. Museum exhibits are designed to be self-guided.
    • 36 Union Street Miller Hall, Queen's University, Kingston, ON K7N 3N6, 613-533-6767
    • Explore geology, the study of the Earth, at this fascinating museum at Queen's University. Here you will find a large gallery of rocks, minerals and fossils from around the world (including a duck-bill dinosaur), and the oldest known animal fossils.
  • Hailebury School of Mines
  • Museums of Ontario