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What is the CCFMS ?

The Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CCFMS) is a non-profit federation of rock, mineral and lapidary clubs for hobbyists in central Canada. It was founded in 1969 and arose out of the "Inter-Club Field Trip Committee", which had existed since 1964. The CCFMS now serves as the collective voice for the amateur clubs of central Canada. It assists its members by various means to promote the earth sciences, to protect collecting sites, to educate collectors, and to foster good will, friendship and rapport among all. Presently, there are 24 member clubs in the federation.activity pic3

One of the principal objectives of the CCFMS is to encourage close association, co-operation and exchange of information among member societies, federations, institutions and other groups interested in geology, mineralogy and the lapidary arts. This website is designed to meet the above objective.  

Why join a CCFMS Member Club?

activity pic4Each club provides the opportunity to meet and learn from more experienced rockhounds. In addition, clubs have monthly meetings with topics both interesting and educational, to further enhance your knowledge. They also publish newsletters to keep you informed about future events and items of technical interest. The various clubs also organize field trips to collecting sites, as well as courses and workshops in the lapidary arts.

There are many exciting and active clubs affiliated with the CCFMS. We certainly believe in the advantages of club membership. Why not join a club and find out for yourself?

           Mineral Collecting  
             Fossil Collecting  
          Wire Wrapping  
Silver Ametrine Brooch
Made by Our Summer's Dream Jewellers 
Photo taken by A.Pollock
            Making Jewelery  
Micromounting - Specimen Info-Azurite on Malachite Size 3.5mm - Photo taken by Richard Bell