Mineral Dealers & Rock Related Businesses

Many mineral dealers and artisans are also rockhounds. They are an invaluable source of information as well as specimens and supplies. Many are active members of CCFMS clubs and bring much enthusiasm and expertise to the hobby. Below is a brief list of dealers, suppliers & artisans in business used by some of our club members. Inclusion in this list does not mean an endorsement by CCFMS.

The Geological Society of Canada also has a comprehensive list of dealers located across Canada on their Canadian mineral and lapidary dealers page.

Attention Dealers:

We are now trying to build a comprehensive list of dealers in Ontario, Quebec and dealers who wish to do shows in either province. We wish to expand our service by listing not only the name and contact of your business, but also the mailing address, store front address (if possible), website address (if possible) and area of expertise (e.g. fossils, Canadian minerals, lapis lazuli, etc.). Please send details toinfo@ccfms.ca to have your information included or updated.

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