How to Become a CCFMS Member Club


If you have, or would like to to start, a rock, mineral, fossil, lapidary or other like-minded club and your goals are consistent with that of the CCFMS, why not become a CCFMS affiliated club? The CCFMS offers the following to member clubs:

  • Access to a $5,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability Insurance package with additional coverage not normally included in General Liability Insurance.
  • Offers four field trips each year run by the Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies.
  • Assistance by various means to promote the earth sciences, to protect collecting sites, to educate collectors, and to foster good will, friendship and rapport among all.
  • Encouragement of close association, co-operation and exchange of information among member societies, federations, institutions and other groups interested in geology, mineralogy and the lapidary arts.
  • Access to information of interest through maintenance of the CCFMS Website.
  • Access to an Annual General Meeting to vote on issues, table new issues or concerns, an build rapport among member clubs.

Constitution and Bylaws of the CCFMS

Prospective clubs should read and consider the Constitution and Bylaws of the CCFMS before applying to become a member club. In accordance with Section 4 of the Constitution, membership in The Federation (CCFMS) is "open to all organizations in Canada, subject to the bylaws of The Federation, whose objectives are consistent with those of The Federation and whose membership is unrestricted as provided by The Charter of Rights and Freedoms". Section 1 of the Bylaws explains what should be included in an application package. In accordance with subsection 1(d), "any application for membership may be approved or rejected by simple majority of the C.C.F.M.S. Board and ratified at the next AGM". The Constitution and Bylaws of the CCFMS are available to read at: Constitution and Bylaws of the CCFMS

Application Form

To assist prospective clubs through the application process, an Application Form is made available. This form is not necessary to the application process, but acts as a guide and reminder of what should be included in the application package.

Application Form (pdf) English  French

Application Form (MS Word) English  French

Submission Information

Any prospective new club submission should be made to the CCFMS Communications Director.

                                                                                    Electronic submittals are welcome by sending email to

Paper submittals should be sent to the following address:

c/o Natural History, Mineralogy 
100 Queen's Park
Toronto, ON 
M5S 2C6

Note: Once an application is received it will be passed on to the Executive Committee for preliminary approval. Final ratification will take place at the next Annual General Meeting. Upon approval, membership dues shall be due. Dues for new organizations are based on the membership count as of the date of acceptance into the CCFMS. Present dues are based on $5.00 per family membership and $4.75 per individual membership. Upon payment, full membership status with all the attendant rights, privileges and obligations, shall be extended to the applicant organization.